Mutant Fan

Mutant_Fan is a multimedia installation, performance and net project.

An exerpt from Mutant Fan was presented at the College Art Association in Los Angeles, February 2012. <click here> for Watch Out for the Furniture: Bruce Conner Loves Mutants, from the panel Punk Rock and Contemporary Art, panel chairs Adam Lerner and Steven Wolf

Since 2005, the San Francisco Mutants, a band that was popular in the late seventies and early eighties, have been performing again. This project oscillates between an examination of their fans and an attempt to understand my own position as a fan and then, by extension, the larger implications of fanaticism.

Along with this documentation, I have been creating performance-specific videos that are projected along with the Mutants when they perform.

This work is exhibited as an installation with video, audio and photographs. Many single channel music videos are available to view on YouTube.

Mutant_Fan_1 Cinthea Fiss  Fillmore

Cinthea Fiss  Mutant_Fan_Fillmore

Cinthea Fiss Mutant_Fan_7

Mutant_Fans Cinthea Fiss Social Distortion

Cinthea Fiss Mutant_Fan Cinthea Fiss  Mutant_Fan
Mutant_Fan Cinthea Fiss Mutant Cinthea Fiss Benjamin Webster Mutants Cinthea Fiss Fritz Fox


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I Photograph to Forget
Casual Encounters With Strangers